Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Inhibitor

Kalypsys has multiple, structurally diverse, preclinical stage candidates which are positioned as development backups to KD5170.

B-Raf Multi-Kinase Inhibitor

Preclinical and clinical data demonstrate that small molecule kinase inhibitors are increasingly important as novel molecular therapeutics for cancer. Kalypsys is pursuing broad-spectrum kinase inhibitors that target B-Raf and additional kinases that stimulate tumor-associated angiogenesis. Preclinical stage compounds that demonstrate anti-tumor activity in murine xenograft models have been identified.

B-Raf Selective Inhibitor

The B-Raf gene is commonly mutated to oncogenic forms in up to 70% of malignant melanomas, and lower percentages in several other prevalent human cancers. Animal models utilizing human melanoma tumor cells demonstrate anti-tumor efficacy by selective inhibition of B-Raf. Kalypsys is pursuing selective B-Raf inhibitors targeting tumor types with frequent B-Raf mutations. Multiple chemical series are presently being evaluated in vivo preclinical studies.