At Kalypsys, we focus on excellence and innovation in every aspect of our science and our business. In our organization, you'll find highly motivated scientists and business professionals who embrace teamwork, value creativity, encourage diverse perspectives and reward execution. We are committed to helping one another advance our skills, knowledge and expertise, as we contribute to the success of our company.

To achieve our goal of unmatched excellence, we follow the Kalypsys Values, a set of employee-developed guidelines.

It is our pledge to each other and ourselves that we will:

  • Encourage innovation and learn from our failures
  • Trust intent and communicate honestly
  • Lead by example
  • Listen first and talk second
  • Coach and be coached
  • Act with personal courage and humility
  • Own our successes and failures
  • Accomplish outstanding results as a team
  • Have fun while achieving our best
  • Recognize that one person can make the difference
  • Begin with the goal in mind

If you're a highly qualified, motivated person who shares our passion for drug discovery and development, we want you on our team.

Kalypsys, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.