John McKearn, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & President, Board Member

John McKearn is Chief Executive Officer, President, and member of the Board of Directors. Before joining Kalypsys, Dr. McKearn was with Pharmacia, where he created an integrated worldwide drug discovery team of more than 1,600 research scientists after the merger of Pharmacia & Upjohn with Monsanto Company and its G.D. Searle unit. He oversaw Pharmacia's research and development efforts, focusing on arthritis and inflammation, infectious diseases, diseases of the central nervous system, oncology, cardiovascular diseases and ophthalmology. R&D; efforts under his leadership resulted in a variety of successful prescription drugs, including Celebrex(R), Bextra(R), Dynastat(R), Arthrotec(R), Daypro(R) and Inspra(R) and the veterinary drug Deramaxx(R).

Prior to his time at Pharmacia, Dr. McKearn held a number of increasingly senior positions at Searle, culminating in his position as Vice President of Discovery Research. Dr. McKearn has more than 40 issued patents in the area of blood cell development, cancer and inflammation treatment and has co-authored more than 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers. He holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Northern Illinois University and a PhD in immunology from the University of Chicago.