Kalypsys Partnerships

Strategic Alliance

Alcon - In December 2005, Kalypsys and Alcon entered into a 4 year strategic alliance, designed to use Kalypsys' proprietary uHTS technology and chemical library to identify development candidates against multiple ophthalmic drug targets. The alliance has a second component, which allows Alcon the opportunity to license Kalypsys pipeline compounds for use in ophthalmic diseases.

Targeted Drug Discovery

CV Therapeutics - Kalypsys and CV Therapeutics entered into a discovery and development collaboration to identify and optimize leads for cardiovascular drug candidates.

NovImmune - Kalypsys and NovImmune entered into a discovery and development collaboration, in which Kalypsys will identify and optimize leads for autoimmune and inflammatory candidates.

For Kalypsys Business Development Contact:

Dan Ripley, Sr. Director of Business Development, at 858-754-3460 or at [email protected]

Kalypsys Systems

Partners gain access to Kalypsys' proprietary ultra-high throughput screening technologies as a key enablement for their research sites and acquire high-throughput lead discovery systems to fit their need.

Current partners include: Merck, NIH, The Scripps Research Institute, and Los Alamos Laboratories

For Kalypsys Systems Contact: www.kalypsys-systems.com