Collaboration Opportunities

Kalypsys is the ideal partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in search of attractive development candidates from our pipeline or companies in need of leading automation to propel the drug discovery process to the clinic.

Kalypsys Pipeline Programs

To date, Kalypsys has built a robust pipeline in metabolic and cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases/pain, and oncology. We currently have three clinical candidates, KD3010 PPAR delta selective agonist, KD7040 Topical iNOS inhibitor, and KD5170 HDAC inhibitor. Kalypsys' clinical trial for KD3010 is progressing and the KD7040 IND is expected to be filed in 4Q06. Kalypsys' pipeline is sustained with new opportunities to treat human disease. Each program is backed by aggressive patent filing to ensure freedom to operate with Kalypsys compounds.

Kalypsys Discovery Advantage

At Kalypsys, we apply our leading automation and unique research capabilities to interrogate and exploit biological systems to create novel preclinical compounds for any target of protein family of interest to our partners.

Currently Kalypsys' discovery efforts include the exploration of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as cholesterol trafficking modulators, and pathway mapping such as the EGFR signaling pathway in oncology.

Contact Kalypsys Business Development

For more information contact Dan Ripley, Sr. Director of Business Development, at 858-754-3460 or at [email protected]