As a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, Kalypsys' engages in the continued advancement of compounds to clinical proof-of-concept. Kalypsys is maturing toward a self-sustaining pharmaceutical company that discovers and commercializes small molecules to treat human disease. On the path to that goal, Kalypsys leverages its automated technologies and its pipeline products to create productive partnerships. Kalypsys expects to retain ownership positions in future product opportunities as its pipeline expands.

Currently, Kalypsys' major partnering interest is to establish a limited number of R&D; alliances in which the parties work collaboratively to rapidly advance therapeutic area programs from target screening to clinical candidates and beyond. Kalypsys also expects to license pipeline compounds with a development partner.

Discovery Partnerships

Kalypsys' ultra-high throughput screening, profiling capabilities, scientific and development expertise are ideally suited for discovery collaborations. Kalypsys' rapid drug discovery process creates potent, selective, and well-characterized small molecule compounds and advances them to the clinic rapidly, significantly saving costs required to reach IND.

In addition to the existing partnerships, we are looking to further leverage our technology through drug discovery partnerships in a therapeutic area or around multiple targets.


With multiple programs approaching clinical proof-of-concept, Kalypsys is interested in finding partners to assist in the development and commercialization of these drugs. Kalypsys also has interest concerning in-licensing opportunities complementary to our therapeutic focus.

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For more information contact Dan Ripley, Sr. Director of Business Development, at 858-754-3460 or at [email protected]