John Diekman, PhD

Board Member

John is Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures and was founder and Managing Director of Bay City Capital, a privately held merchant bank. He still serves as Vice Chairman of Bay City Capital's Board of Directors and is currently Vice Chairman of Affymetrix. As a founding Managing Director of BCC, John Diekman was primarily involved in the investment activities of BCC Fund I, with early investments in companies such as Medarex, LJL Biosystems, Lexicon Genetics and Chemdex. Prior to founding Bay City Capital, John Diekman managed and led several biotechnology companies ranging from early product development to established public companies. He was Chief Executive Officer of Affymetrix, Chairman and Managing Director of Affymax N.V., President of Monoclonal Antibodies Inc. and President of Salutar. He spent the early part of his career at Zoecon Corporation; his last position as President and Chief Executive Officer. John Diekman is Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Scripps Institute and he serves on the boards of Hill Top Research, InGenuity, Kalypsys, Metabolex, Phenomix, Quidel and Syrrx. He received a BS in chemistry from Princeton University and his PhD in chemistry from Stanford University.